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Inspiring Business Books – For those who love to read or listen (Audible version coming soon!) about entrepreneur success stories. Lars De Veer’s latest book: Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories, 10 successes from the world of business and lessons to help you succeed – was written with you in mind.

Learning from others success is often the spark that leads us to success, and after all the business how to books are done preaching their formulas to us (and yes, these can be useful, but sometimes wearing) – it’s a bit of a reprieve to just get inspired by, and learn the lessons to be found in others success.

Lars De Veer – Writing books that are relevant, helpful and inspiring…

Business is what we love, and writing business books is how we communicate that passion. Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories, 10 success stories from the world of business, and lessons to help you succeed. This is the first of many books in the pipeline. And with 7 more books in development Lars is an author you’ll want to follow!


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Take care of the mind, never stop learning…

Writing books is a joy for those who love to learn. Seeking out new information, studying it in-depth and communicating that new found knowledge in a way that is more succinct and helpful for others. It’s truly rewarding!