Lars De Veer Inspiring Books are written for the reader who wants to learn about real life stories, get inspired, and implement the lessons learned.

Inspiring books help a person internalize important lessons by communicating with relevant story. True life stories are often the most impactful because it gives us confidence; after all, if they did it, then so can I… and that sums up the essence, and the importance of passing down important stories – simply – to inspire others, and to help the world.

Lars’ mission is to share inspiring books that are for the betterment of the lives of his readers, being helpful, inspirational, and practical.


Are you seeking insight from some of the world’s most successful people in business, that you can learn from and transfer into success for yourself?

Maybe you have been working hard towards your goals for a long time now, but you are still not quite seeing the success that you are striving for. It may be that you have taken good strides so far, but you know that you want to achieve more success.

Or perhaps you are still yet to see any real success as you chase down your goals, and you are keen to see what other successful people have done to help them achieve their goals, to try and emulate that in your life for some success of your own.

You might even be at the start of your journey towards success, and you want to learn as much as you can from those that have gone before you so that you make as few mistakes as possible along the way.

Well, you’re in luck! Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories is a collection of ten of the best success stories from the world of business, along with lessons that will help you build towards success of your own.

These stories are not only extremely impressive, but there are also lots of insights that can be taken from the steps that these people took to achieve their level of success. You might be surprised to find that these steps are perfectly accessible to you as well, meaning the opportunity to succeed is right there in the palm of your hand.

Inside Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories, discover:

• Some of the most surprising stories of success that have come from the business world

• Stories of success from a whole host of different backgrounds and start-up positions

• Ways that you can bring more success to your own life

• How to interpret these stories and take learnings that you can bring into your own life

• A newfound respect for the effort that these people have put in to see the success that they have to date

• A newfound motivation and hunger to go after success for yourself and much, much more!

So what’s stopping you? Grab a copy of Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories today and start learning about how to bring more success into your life immediately!

We hope you enjoy this new inspiring book!

Becoming an inspiring book writer is a paradox, on one hand, writing for others is one of the most intimate pursuits a person can undertake, yet on the other, it’s a solitary existence.It’s with a sincere heart that we connect via literature, and it’s with a sincere hope that I write for the betterment of humanity.